3 songs about the future

by denise t

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i decided to write these songs about the future to avoid the future


released May 15, 2017




denise t Queens, New York

ur mcm practices guitar with a metronome and ur mcm is not me

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Track Name: your bones will grow old and so will you
feel your hands come out through your chest and in a way feel more human then you crawl out on all fours through the hallways of your childhood house
listen to the creaks and steps you make when your thoughts fall into your head and into your brain aware of every conscious mistake

your bones will grow old and so will you

first time you realized you were not young anymore you were thirteen and a half years old
unfinished homework in an unmade bed sitting on the floor inside his head tell him to leave you alone and go home instead

your bones will grow old and so will you
Track Name: circles
you’ll miss her when shes gone even though you’ve spoken to her before
down the block past the park is the place where you used to smoke

after school and
at your friends house
moving away

summer nights spent so alone you swear your house is on fire
sit outside on your front porch and just to feel cool air
this is the last time you think to yourself you’ll ever feel at ease
from here on out is a rollercoaster

walking in circles
walking away
walking in circles
walking away
Track Name: closer
and my emotions change with the weather
when its cold out i feel cold inside
and i really just wanna, i wanna stay inside
without a thought in my mind without a thought in my mind
and i feel alive when the sun is out
but i still pack a sweater, just incase it get colder
and the future’s getting closer