alive and well

by denise t

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released September 12, 2016



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


denise t Queens, New York

ur mcm practices guitar with a metronome and ur mcm is not me

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Track Name: boyfriend girlfriend
i was never enough for you
you were too fast and cool
i just want to be your commodity

isnt your boyfriend someones boyfriend
i really want to be your girlfriend
i just want to be somebody’s
Track Name: how are you doing
isnt it all fucked up
how i ride the f train
every afternoon
just wanna call you
and ask you
hey man whats up
how are u doing
your white t shirts tucked into your navy blue jeans
i loved your short hair and sweat stains
you probably dont know what i mean
how are you doing
small naps on knee caps
and lazy afternoons
short hair and long eyelashes
i loved uuuuu
what are u doing
Track Name: fortune
cut open my palms read me inside
tell me my fortune make me feel alright
Track Name: alive
i walked to my house today
to find you awake
in my head
in my dreams
stubbled upon some photographs
we made you laugh
laugh for decades
i wonder how youre doing
and i just wanna go to sleep
call me in morning
ask if im alive
its my decision to be here
made many mistakes in my life
not one of them involves you
and i will go to school
the next morning
and not think about
whats to come
ill think about it in morning