by denise t

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released March 5, 2017

thanks 2 my long term gf(good friend) (agnes) for drawing me. love u




denise t Queens, New York

ur mcm practices guitar with a metronome and ur mcm is not me

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Track Name: soft n sweet
get out of your house come meet me down the block
ill wait for you ill wait up
we watch the same night sky turn black and blue
and youll break my heart like you always do

dont worry baby ill be fine
just remember things take time
ur soft and sweet
come and hold me

get out of your house and meet me after school
on a park bench in the middle of june
it doesnt matter what we do tomorrow
as long as im there with u

dont worry baby ill be fine
just remember to call me this time
ur soft and sweet
come and hold me
Track Name: house phone
my nose drips
its too cold to be outside
why you cant speak to me inside
you make things more important than they seem
and i cant take anything seriously
the numb in my toes and you rolling your eyes while wearing my clothes
striped t shirt tucked into shorts you cant help but feel a bit of remorse

something in the air makes me feel naive
as if this was how things were supposed to turn out to be
but ill fall asleep, yeah ill just fall asleep
but ill fall asleep, yeah ill just fall asleep
Track Name: giants
roll up my jeans past my knees
and step into the creek, feel the water and leaves
and on the car ride home i listen to my favorite sad songs
and how it feels like summer but its me this time whos gone
do you ever think of me
i think about you often even when youre next to me
and when the moon comes around i still have my doubts
until my eyes are aching until i am asleep

ill clean up after you
ill make sure youre fed
and if you stick around till morning i can kiss your forehead

i walk down the bridge of your nose and crawl inside your mouth
ill make a home under your eyelids, can i sleep on the couch
can you feel me under your skin sweep me away with your breath
hold me in the palm of your hand hold me in ur hands

ill clean up after you
ill make sure youre fed
and if you stick around till morning i can kiss your forehead
we can live like giants in this tiny world

Track Name: angel
just take the train
call me when u get home
ill be ok
i just dont want u alone

hurry up
and take ur time
make sure
not to waste mine
Track Name: Q28
sit on the bus
i pull my hat over my ears
i cant feel my toes
i cant feel my fingers
nothing feels warm
when youre completely alone
so a wear three pairs of socks
and sometimes even some ear muffs
wait outside in the rain
it kinda feels like a movie
where the girl misses her train
and meets the love of her life
except only im waiting
and waiting and waiting
my train never comes
and my boy isnt even alive
i see happy people
i see happy everyone
my goal this year
is to not be sad not even once
love is a facade
and it makes things more difficult
i know that i know that i dont care
and i still feel really cold
Track Name: sound
what are we this week
i saw the roses on ur cheek
heard the water by the creek
felt unreal i couldnt see
rode my bike up to ur house
tripped and fell bled on ur blouse
in ur room i pace around
she said
i love u honey dont make a sound
Track Name: angel 2
just take the train
tell me when u get off
ill be waiting all night
tell me when u get home
snow sticks to the ground
i dont know this time around
feelin feelin at ease
feelin of eternal peace

i know u dont want anything to do with me
Track Name: haikus
no one knows who you are
until you shed your skin
and become new again

you dont know where you are
until youre far from home
you are far from home

haikus dont make any sense
that is what you said
before you went and left
Track Name: uke can do it!
sing to me from the concrete below
ill be listening from top of the roof
my landlord will be mad at me
but for you ill give anything

its hard to think
i didnt know you last year
its hard to breathe
whenever youre near
sit around and talk about the world with me
ill you give anything

and maybe ill be ur one and only