feet first

by denise t

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i wrote this album on the train on my way home from work

someone join my band please


released September 28, 2016




denise t Queens, New York

ur mcm practices guitar with a metronome and ur mcm is not me

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Track Name: forever
wait for years
waiting forever
a distant memory
the heat of the summer
paint me colors
you can only see in ur dreams
ill be anything
you need me to be

i want you forever
but i dont wanna see you again
its confusing im confusing
selfish without a meaning
Track Name: pockets
freezing faces
dripping noses
i dont know why
my head's in the closet

make me feel it
the cold in my bones
make me suffer
your face in front of mine with high hopes

did i make a mistake? have u grown and gone away?

curious impulse
take my face
tall n disbelievin
you need me i need my space

water n sugar
tasteless depression
cry to my mother
about the pain

did i make a mistake? have u grown and gone away?
Track Name: tired
its 7pm and 85 degrees
sweat sticks to my shoulders
and i dont understand the need
lying on the grass lying on the floor
its sweet, i feel needed

peeling back the bandaids
wonder how this happened

tell me you love me by accident
ill paint your nails in exchange for it
ill tell you the truth, i wont listen
if it was some other night, nothing wouldve happened

ripping out the wildflowers
kill them before the walls i built are covered